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Two Rock Technologies LLC operates Two Rock Guns and  Firearms are handled by Two Rock Guns.  We list our firearms for sale at  Here you will see our current listings.  Other self defense items are sold through our on-line store at  Items from time to time may be featured on this website.  Check out What's New.


  • Buy and Sell Firearms
  • Source Firearms - we utilize several sources for our firearms we sell.  Go to RSR Group, Lipsey's or MGE 
  •  If you see something you want, call us at (603) 948-2212 and tell us what you want.  Be sure to get the item number so we can find for you quickly.
  • Consignment Sales
  • Complete Transfers for NH Residents



Two Rock Guns will gladly accept consignment of your firearms.  We charge a flat fee for consignments of 20% with a minimum of $50.00.  Two Rock Guns will sell your firearms using various venues such as at gun shows, over the internet and locally.


Do not ship your firearms to us without first contacting us.  Tell us what it is you want to sell.  We require photos of the firearms sent to  We will then place a value on the firearm and discuss the value with you to determine the initial sell price.  if you agree on the sell price (understand it is based on the pictures) and that Two Rock is a good match for you, you can ship your firearm to us via insured UPS or insured Fed Ex.  if you are local, you can deliver the firearms to us.  We will need to agree on a reserve price, a "selling range price" and/or an initial sell price before we attempt to sell your firearm.  In some cases, we actually receive more for the firearm than the agreed to initial sell price.


Visit our Two Rock Guns website today, click here.

A written consignment agreement outlining all the services you can expect from us and our responsibilities to you will be signed at this time.  This agreement also spells out exactly what your obligations are as a Consignor.  The agreement provides important protection for you and for us.


The consignment fee is collected at the time of sale and receipt of payment from the buyer of your consigned firearm.  We will deduct the fee from your proceeds.


If your firearm(s) do not sell, there is no commission charged to you.  However by law, to get your firearm(s) back in your possession from us, you will need to complete an ATF Form 4473 and receive a "proceed authorization" on a background check.  If you fail the background check, we cannot return the firearm(s) to you.  We encourage you to work with local authorities to get your background cleared.  The firearm(s) will be held for thirty (30) days and if by that time your background check does not receive a "proceed", the firearm(s) will be sold for the highest offer, a consignment fee will be retained and the balance paid to you.


We reserve the right to refuse to sell a firearm to anyone.  Note Federal Law states that you cannot purchase a firearm for another person.  Firearms must be picked up by the person who is buying and will own the gun.


We do not return fees or handle warranty issues on firearms; we only facilitate the transfer.  All warranty issues must be handled directly with the owner of record or the firearm manufacturer.


We only ship firearms to FFL's.  Have your FFL dealer e-mail or fax a signed copy of their FFL to us if buying, selling or transferring firearms through us.  See "Contact Us" for e-mail address or fax number.


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